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The Millionaire Choice


The Millionaire Choice

The Millionaire Choice was written to inspire and equip people to become millionaires. No, that's not hype. With the right knowledge, resources and choices, almost anyone in America can become a millionaire.

In The Millionaire Choice, you will hear the story and principles that changed one man and his family  from a lower income lifestyle into millionaires.

There are over 10 million households that are millionaires in America today. 80% of those are first generation. No one gave them their money. They earned it. Now it's your turn. Millionaire or Not. You Can Choose.



Inspiration and Principles to Become a Millionaire

You learn a lot bad financial habits growing up in a family that mismanages money. Fortunately, you don't have to repeat the same mistakes. At 25, Tony's financial habits gave him a wake up call, and he made a choice, the choice to become a millionaire.

In The Millionaire Choice, Tony shares his story of growing up in a financially messy home, his wake up call at age 25 and the life and financial principles he used to change his life and become a millionaire.

At the heart of these principles are what Tony calls the Ten Keys of the Millionaire. It is these key principles that empowered Tony and his family to break free from generations of financial mismanagement, stress and struggles.

In The Millionaire Choice you will learn to develop your own personal millionaire plan.


Tony Bradshaw

Tony Bradshaw grew up in a lower income neighborhood in Nashville, TN. In early 1996, he realized he was mismanaging his money and knew something needed to change. That’s when he set out to learn how to handle money better. After learning how to handle money at age 25, Tony made his millionaire choice, his choice to become to become a millionaire by the age of forty. He accomplished his goal in 2011.

After gaining a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Tony spent the first six years of his career as an engineer and computer network administrator. In 2001, he entered the financial education world as part of an internet business and development group where he spent 16 years bringing financial education teaching and products to the online world.

During his journey, Tony realized his own message and vision for helping people with their personal finances, and in June 2017, Bradshaw began writing The Millionaire Choice with the vision of helping everyone he could to become millionaires no matter their income, ethnicity, or financial situation. He aspires to create a movement of financially educated and wealthy people who will make it their mission to fight poverty and help those in need across America and the world. He calls it The Millionaire’s Manifesto, and you can read it at

Tony resides in Franklin, TN with his wife whom he married in 1998. Together they continue to mentor their six children about life and money.



As a school leader, this book shares a personal story about life and building character in a way that I can immediately share, throughout the community I serve. The financial habits and language are plain spoken, easy for all to apply, develop, and understand. I will use this book as a resource for my students, families, and staff.” 

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