Learn about money. Make your millionaire choice. Start your millionaire journey.

Learning how to better handle your money doesn't have to be boring. It should be fun and exciting. Our Millionaire Choice and other money events are designed to inspire, encourage and educate you to reach a brighter financial future for you and your family.

By learning and implementing the life and financial principles contained in The Millionaire Choice, you'll be equipped with the Ten Keys of the Millionaire and empowered to create your own millionaire plan. Our goal at each event is change how you think about money and expand your life's dreams. We believe that with the right knowledge, plan and execution, almost anyone can become a millionaire.

Dynamic. Inspirational. Informational. Life Changing.

Money is a topic that affects everyone. Whether your audience is living paycheck to paycheck like 75 percent of Americans or they just need to know what to do with the money they have, our goal is to help them get on track with their money and help them build wealth for a bright financial future.

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Tony Bradshaw

Author of The Millionaire Choice

Good ideas change the world. Speaking is one of the best ways to inspire, influence and move people with new ideas. By delivering the right idea in the right way at the right time, it’s possible to change someone’s life.

I’ve enjoyed speaking in various settings for over 10 years on business and financial topics. One of my favorite topics is teaching people how to build wealth for themselves and their families. I believe anyone can become a millionaire if they make the right choices with their life and their money.

Speaking Topics

Money and Personal Finance

  • Making the Millionaire Choice

  • Breaking Your Family’s Cycle of Financial Mis-Management

  • Building a Millionaire Plan

  • Creating Millionaire Families

  • The 10 Keys of the Millionaire (Taken from The Millionaire Choice)


Business and Leadership

  • Developing Vision. Developing Strategy.

  • Communication in Leadership and Business.

  • Building Culture in Your Team and Company.

  • Strong Team. Better Results. Evaluating and Investing in Your Team.

Available for:

Speakers are available for corporate, educational, organizational events, and conferences. Contact Us




Weekly discussions on money based on The Millionaire Choice's Ten Keys of the Millionaire. At the meetings we'll discuss building a financial foundation, getting money smart, finding a money mentor and financial advisor, spending plans and budgeting, saving and investing aggressively, keeping expenses low, boosting your income, and creating your own millionaire plan.


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