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Guest Reservation and Information

Thank you for being a guest on The Millionaire Choice Show! We're looking forward to a great discussion with you that helps people make better life and financial decisions.

Reminder: On The Millionaire Choice, we talk to millionaires and future millionaires about how to build wealth and what to do with it once you have it. We say millionaires and future millionaires are the only two types of people, or at least that's the way it should be!

Our goal is to help people make the millionaire choice and create their own millionaire plan. We believe wealth has a purpose. Enjoy Life. Help Others. Serve God. Wealthy people with good hearts can help change the world!

Guest Reservation Booking

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Download Guest Reservation and Information

Technical Setup

The show is conducted and recorded using Zoom. Download the Zoom app for the device you are using.

Tech Setup
Preferred Option (Best Quality)

  • Computer / Laptop

  • USB Microphone (Good options via Amazon: Blue Yeti or Samson Q2U)

  • Headphones (studio quality)*

  • Direct wired connection with high speed internet                                                                                                                          

Secondary Option

  • Computer / Laptop

  • Built in microphone

  • Headphones or earbuds*

  • Wireless with high speed internet

* Headphones or earbuds are required for the show to prevent audio pickup and feedback to produced the best quality audio.

Interview Flow

Segment 1

  • Guest Introduction

  • Talk about your background. Your roots.

    • Did you grow up in a lower income family?

    • Did you learn about money growing up or was it something you had to figure out?

    • What hardships did you face?

  • When did you make your choice to become a millionaire?

  • How did you make your first million?

  • Did you have a plan to become a millionaire or did it just happen?

  • Let’s talk about your millionaire journey.

    • Difficulties and challenges.

    • What you did to overcome your challenges?

    • Did you make any pivots on your journey?

    • What do you know now that you wish you knew then?

    • Did you have a money mentor? (Yes - Tree 1. No - Tree 2.)

    • Your best advice for someone embarking on their own millionaire journey.

Break - Show Challenge Announcement

Segment 2

  • Let’s talk about your millionaire journey. (Continued)

    • What do you know now that you wish you knew then? Any pivots?

    • Did you have a money mentor?

    • Your best advice for someone on their own millionaire journey.

    • Your perception of yourself, how did that change?

    • What surprised you about yourself after you became a millionaire?

  • Wealth has a purpose. Tell us about your POW, purpose of wealth. What positive impact have you been able to have as a result of having become a millionaire? Something you are passionate about.


  • Thank the guest.

  • How can people find out more about you. Website. Social Media.

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