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EP 3: Consumer Direct Marketing Success with Beth and Taylor Schomp

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Beth and Russ Schomp
Beth and Russ Schomp

Beth Schomp is a 33 year veteran of the consumer direct marketing world. She’s reached some of the highest levels of success and now leads her team on finding their own success in the consumer direct sales world. Beth is a firm believer in servant leadership. Her passion and mission are to serve people to help them get where they need to go in life.

Taylor Schomp
Taylor Schomp

Beth’s daughter, Taylor, recently made the jump to the consumer direct world as she realized the typical job model wasn’t going to provide the life or freedom to travel that she wanted. Taylor has quickly found succe aress and surpassed her salaried income within 12 months of starting her direct marketing life.

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Consumer Direct Marketing Success with Beth and Taylor Schomp

Announcer: Is money slipping through your fingers. Are you missing your opportunity to become a millionaire? Welcome to the millionaire choice where we talk to millionaires and future millionaires about how to build wealth and what to do with it once you have it. We're here to help you do two things, make your millionaire choice and create your own millionaire plan. Here's your host, speaker, wealth coach, and author of The Millionaire Choice. He made his choice, and he created his millionaire plan at age 25; now it's your turn. Welcome your host, Tony Bradshaw.

Tony: Welcome back to the show. I'm excited about the guests we have on today. Uh, she's been a friend of mine for several years and has a plethora of knowledge in the consumer direct marketing world. She's been working in that world for over 33 years. And for you people that don't know what consumer direct marketing is, it is a direct sales business. And so instead of doing the j-o-b route, instead of working on the job, she's been working in this line of business for over 33 years and has a wealth of knowledge and has been very, very successful at it. Beth is a big believer in servant leadership, and if you haven't heard that term before, it's very simple. It just means leadership, where you serve the people, and for Beth, that means serving other people to help them get where they need to go. Thanks for coming on the show, Beth and Taylor, and having that talked to us about, you know, what wealth means to you and how you're, you know, how you built it and how you've gone about that. Your story is so interesting because I'm sure, I don't remember all of it, but the difference between, you know, you came actually from a more affluent family, whereas your husband, Russ, didn't necessarily grow up that way. Is that correct?

Beth: It's correct, and yet at the time, I would have never have called us a fluent, quite frankly. I came from a family where I never did without, but I was also taught just because you can afford it, doesn't mean you get it. And if you back the train up to my parents, my father especially, I mean, he came from poverty, so he came from nothing. My and my grandfather came from nothing and became kind of a self-made man. And because of a divorce situation, my father, you know, was with his mother while Dad's dad was out building his fortune. You know, back in the thirties and the depression, I mean, my parents were depression babies.

Tony: Wow.