EP 19: Part Time Money Millionaire with Philip Taylor, PTMoney.com

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

PhilipTaylor didn’t grow up wealthy. In fact, he grew up practically broke. His family faced financial ups and downs, but something changed for Philip in his 20s. Philip began getting money smart. He woke up and realized he didn’t have to keep living the broke lifestyle. Philip fell in love with learning about money and helping people with their money.

Philip is the founder and owner of ptmoney.com, a world class financial blog, and founder of FinCon, the top personal finance conference in America. Philip has a passion for helping people learn how to manage money and create a better life. You don’t have to live the broke lifestyle just because your family has. You can become a millionaire

Discover more about Philip Taylor and Part Time Money at http://ptmoney.com/

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