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EP 90: 14-yr-old Entrepreneur to Philanthropic Investing Millionaire. Ivan Anz, PhilanthroInvestors

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This week on The Millionaire Choice Podcast, Tony talks with Ivan Anz, founder of PhianthroInvestors and Equity & Help. Tony and Ivan discuss entrepreneurship and living in financial freedom.

At age 7, Ivan was told by his mother that his parents would not buy gas for his new go-kart. Having always been an entrepreneur at heart, Ivan quickly conceived a plan to make money and get gas for his go-kart. Following this, at age 14, he hired a 34-year-old CEO for his company.

About Ivan Anz

Continuing his quest to gain experience in many different industries which all enhanced his business training and capabilities, Ivan had 4 different companies in Argentina by 25. At the time, he was growing the cash of the business just to invest it outside of the business. So, he set the profits of the business into a percentage to invest. Soon, he was not impressed with the investing community because they were sitting behind computers. After losing roughly 80% of his finances in the speculative market, Ivan decided things needed to change.

Now, Ivan Anz is an Inc. 500 Magazine, international serial entrepreneur. His companies operated in 14 countries. He is the founder of CAPITANZ Family office; and creator of the PhilanthroInvestors Phenomena. Today, his businesses and projects create many high-impact aid opportunities to society.

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Show Transcript

Tony (00:00):

Hello and welcome back to the Millionaire Choice Show! Today, we're gonna have a lot of fun with the gentleman I just met. His name is Ivan Anz. He's got a real interesting history of pedigree here. He's a Croatian gentleman, born in Argentina, living in Puerto Rico right now, age 37. He's gonna be talking to us about his life, but he's got an interesting spin. He's got a company, called PhilanthroInvestors, where he tries to marry investment dollars from different investors to philanthropic opportunities. The way he puts that is, "connecting investors with humanitarian causes." So, if you're interested in connecting your money to things that actually make a difference on the planet and make a difference in people's lives; stay tuned. You're gonna enjoy hearing from Ivan. Ivan, welcome to the show.

Ivan Anz (00:50):

Thank you, Tony. It's my pleasure, sir!

Tony (00:52):

So, I really enjoyed getting to you in the pre-show, Ivan. I'm eager to learn more about PhilanthroInvestors. A thing that I've come up with in the last 2-3 years; the way I think about money and wealth has evolved a little bit. As a 25 year old, first generation wealth builder and thinker, I really had the concept of, "Hey, I need to have more money so that I can live a different type of life; or a better life." And, I did the good things that the church guys do; you tithe and give to your church; if that's your thing. I did that. Helped out with different causes along the way, but I can't ever really say that I had a purpose behind my wealth.

Tony (01:33):

I think I was too young to think that way. To think, "Hey, I need to build wealth to really transform the planet." And, in the last three or four years; as I've been evolving myself; I've really been thinking that a lot more. The money I build for the future from this day forward needs to have a purpose. I have a purpose behind why I make money, a purpose behind all of the wealth that I'm creating. So, my money and my concept on money has taken on a new way of thinking. I don't think I could have thought that way as a first generation wealth builder from 25 to 45. I think you have to hit a certain- your mind has to transform in certain ways before you can start thinking that way. But, I'm excited to hear what you've gotta say, because that's what your whole life is wrapped up in that now.

Ivan Anz (02:24):

Yes, exactly. My whole life is around PhilanthroInvestors, and it all started in my entrepreneurship career, and it started when I was just seven years old. And, what I was doing is that; I had my go-kart, and I will just always figure out how to create- resources that I have around- how to make them into a business. And, it is just my entrepreneurial, I was born like an entrepreneur. So, when I was seven years old, I had this go-kart, and I my mom says to me, "Ivan, you want to use it? Your dad give you this as a gift cause you asked, but we're not going to give you cash for the gas. So, that was the first thing that they did very well to me. They put the necessity in me to figure it out and put your my mind to work on how to get 10 or 20 bucks to be able to put gas in my go-kart.

Ivan Anz (03:28):

So, I said, "oh, I will do something." I had the gardener, the guy that cut the grass in my home. And I said, "Hey, you see that lot?" This empty lot was owned by the government or whatever, it's by the city, "Just go and build a track for me. With your grass cutter, go build a track for me." So, he goes to cut grass and he builds a track. Then I put the go car there, and I started inviting my neighbors, and I started charging them money to do rounds on my go-kart. But I realized, "oh, but I need the gas!" So, I say, "well, I go to the store when they sell candy."

Ivan Anz (04:17):

And, I ask the candy store guy; I say, "Hey, my mom, she comes to buy things here. Well, I need the box of candy, but this box of candy, I don't have the money to pay you. So, you will need to sell it to me for 10 cents a candy that he told me was going to eat." So, I take it as loan for the box of candy. And then, I go and sell to the neighbors for 20 cents and I doubled my money. WWith that, I go and I get the gas. Now I have the gas, and I start charging $2-3 for a track run to my neighbors using my go-kart. So, that was my first business.

Tony (04:53):

At seven years old?

Ivan Anz (04:56):


Tony (04:56):

That's fantastic, man. I love that. Now, your parents weren't business people, were they?

Ivan Anz (05:02):

Yes. My parents were small business people. My parents had a small used car dealership with three or four cars when I was a kid. And that was their small business.

Tony (05:17):

So, you had seen your parents; some of their principles or business principles at home. So, they're probably talking about income and cash flows, sales and marketing- "business is good this month; business is bad this month." So, you had a little bit of that vernacular kind of ingrained at you since you started to understand language?

Ivan Anz (