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EP 84: The Irish Gold Dealer. Stephen Flood, CEO GoldCore

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This week on The Millionaire Choice Podcast, Tony talks with Stephen Flood, CEO of GoldCore. Tony and Stephen discuss his life growing up with a single mother in Dublin, Ireland, the nature of Gold and Silver, and why you should invest in precious metals.

Stephen’s father died when he was only 11. Alone with two children, his mother used what money they had to purchase a guest house in Dublin’s city center where she worked all the way into her eighties.

About Stephen Flood

Stephen Flood is the CEO of Goldcore and one of the oldest gold and silver dealers in the market today. Stephen has turned over $1 billion in transactions and manages $300 million in assets for their clients. He believes in a “client first” approach and trusts that owning gold and silver helps people gain personal sovereignty in a way that few other assets can.

After Stephen received his degree at Portobello Business College in Dublin, Ireland, he began his career in finance. He held financial and trading positions in New York City, before joining Goldman Sachs as a Sales Trader in Equity Derivatives. When he returned to Ireland to put his experience in trading, risk, and financial markets at Goldman to good use, his entrepreneurial drive led him to establish his own financial services firm at GoldCore where they advise clients on gold and silver purchasing and storage.

Stephen is married with three young, lively boys, and when he’s not at work, he loves the outdoor life. He resides in the rural Dublin mountains and enjoys mountain walking, swimming and biking with the family.

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Show Transcript

Tony (00:00):

Welcome back to The Millionaire Choice show! Today, we're gonna be talking about gold and silver and other precious metals with Stephen Flood. He's the CEO of GoldCore. He's been in the precious metals market for 18 years. I've only been in for about four years, Stephen. I started to buy my first gold and silver after I left Dave Ramsey's organization. And, Stephen's also interesting cuz he's a unique guest to us because he's been working in Wall Street Banking as a trader in the equities market in his early days. Welcome to the show, Stephen.

Stephen Flood (00:31):

It's great to be here. Thank you so much for having me on.

Tony (00:33):

Thanks for coming on. Now, you're one of my few international guests. Where are you from Steve?

Stephen Flood (00:39):

I'm based in Dublin, Ireland. And, I'm married to a lady from Buffalo, New York. And we've been, we've been back in Ireland now since 2002 and I got involved in the gulf war in 2004, so I've been working here ever since and absolutely love every day.

Tony (01:00):

I've never been to Ireland. So, I need you to give us a rundown on some of the exotic things and cool stuff over there.

Stephen Flood (01:07):

Well, you're formally invited now; just so you can come to Ireland, and we'll have a few pints of Guinness together and talk about the world and try to solve all the problems of it. It's a great place to be. It's a small, very advanced economy on this side of Europe; we have all the biggest tech firms operating from here, highly educated, and I mean, people give out about the weather, but I actually love it. Every time I look out my window, it's always changing, and I like the drama of the weather. It's a beautiful place to be and a beautiful place to visit. Really wonderful people. We absolutely love American visitors. They always have a wonderful time. I've never heard of one having a bad holiday. They always have great stories to go back home with.

Tony (01:49):

And accents too. New accents to the area.

Stephen Flood (01:51):

Well, they tried to put on the accent, but they usually absolutely bludgeon in it. My wife still uses some Irish phrases. It doesn't quite fit, but she's very cute. She makes a great effort.

Tony (02:05):

Where is she from again?

Stephen Flood (02:07):

She's from Buffalo, New York. We met in New York city when we worked there in our twenties.

Tony (02:13):

New York's got a unique accent too. So, you mentioned Guinness. I thought it was interesting; I've got a friend who wrote a book called The Search for God and Guinness. His name is Stephen Mansfield, and he's written quite a few books, but Guinness has got quite a unique history. Back in the day it was the drink of choice because you didn't have clean water back then.

Stephen Flood (02:34):

I think beer was a big part of people's diet because of water quality issues, and it was a way of getting your clean water, and also probably suppressing your problems as well. But, it's a wonderful beer; stout, as we like to call it. And, it's produced in Ireland. It's also produced in Nigeria- believe it or not. It's great. It's a little bit strong for me now. I'm not much of a drinker, but I'd have one or two. It's a great drink to have.

Tony (03:12):

So, you got into finance; you're into gold and silver now- spent some time in wall street with Goldman Sachs and equities markets, but did you grow up in finance or what did life look like growing up?

Stephen Flood (03:24):