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We are a passionate group of people bent on helping others with their money. Many of us grew up in homes with bad money habits, and we followed in our parents' footsteps...for a while. Somewhere along the way, we began to change. We decided that instead of living a life mismanaging our money we'd embark on a life of financial prosperity. We made a choice, the millionaire choice.

After 16 years working in the financial education space, our founder, Tony Bradshaw, felt there were many people still not receiving the help they needed to get their finances on track. Growing up in a lower middle class family, Tony followed in his family's habits of financial mismanagement until he turned 25. At 25, he realized his need to change how he handled his money and began learning how to multiply his money with the purpose of living a financially free life and helping others. It was during this time that Tony determined to become a millionaire.


In 2017, Tony decided to take the principles that helped him become a millionaire and share those principles in The Millionaire Choice. The Millionaire Choice contains the Ten Keys of the Millionaire, the ten life and financial principles that helped Tony become the first millionaire in his family's history.


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