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We inspire, teach, and help people to become millionaires with generous hearts so they can enjoy life and help others.


Wealth in Abundance

Our vision is to inspire and empower people worldwide to become millionaires with generous hearts. Through financial education and resources we equip people with the knowledge, tools and vision they need to become millionaires, and our goal is to get this material into everyone's hands regardless of their ethnicity or economic status. That's a fancy way of saying we're going to help everyone we can.


We Want to Eradicate Poverty

We dream of a country and world where poverty is a thing of the past and one of our goals is to help eradicate it. We believe the best way to fight poverty is through financial education, knowledge, and support to those who want it and to those who need it.

For many struggling with poverty in America and the world, financial training isn't available to them for one simple reason, there's no money to be made. Companies can't make money off people who don't have money. Part of our mission and vision is to find ways to help and serve people in poverty.

Unfortunately, many in the world today have warped views of wealth and money. On one hand many people believe that wealth is bad or that they can never be wealthy. On the other hand, you have people that obtain wealth for only their individual benefit.


We believe aspiring to obtain wealth for the benefit of others is a noble cause and that a nation of wealth people can help to reshape and create a world of abundance for all which we have framed up into The Millionaire's Manifesto.


We create wealth. We fight poverty.

We strive for a world of financially educated people where wealth is overflowing. We envision a world where poverty is a distant memory. We see an America where social security, medicare, and one day even bank loans are obsolete.

Yes. It’s an audacious goal. Some might even say it’s impossible. We dare to dream the impossible dream.

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