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Financial Wellness Solution

If you could change your employees and their family’s financial lives forever, would you do it?

Money Affect Your Employees.

Employee Performance Affects

Your Company Revenue.

A Glimpse of Real Life

  • 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

  • 41% of Americans don't have $500 set aside for emergencies.

  • Student Loan Debt is swallowing our youth and adults. 3.2 million people over age 60 carry an average of $27,000 in student loan debt.

Danger: Retirement Ahead

  • 33% of Americans have no retirement savings

  • 33% of retirees still have mortgage debt

  • 36% of Americans have not started saving for retirement

  • Median retirement savings is $59,000

How About Your Employees?

Financial Stress Affects an

Employee's Health and

Workplace Performance.

4 Business Benefits

  • Lower Employee Money Stress - Financial education can help lower employee stress at home. Lower stress at home, means less stress at work. Money is the #2 thing couples fight about at home, and over 20% of divorces are related to money.

  • Increase Employee Productivity - Financial wellness research has shown that money problems and stress cause a 20 hour loss in productivity per month. Fix those money problems, and you end up with more productive team members.

  • Increase Employee Retention - Employees who are stressed over money are looking for more money. They'll get it from you or someone else. Improve employee retention by helping to solve your team's financial problems.

  • Increase Profitability - Higher retention. Increased productivity. It's just good for business. Help keep your employee's focused on their work and not distracted by their money problems.

" Before you pay your employees more, try helping them get more from what you're already paying them."

- Tony Bradshaw


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Joe Saul Sehy,

Stacking Benjamins Podcast

In The Millionaire Choice, Tony gives us both the motivational messages we all need to kick our lives into a higher gear, backed by the know-how practical solutions of a guy who’s been there. Consider this book your primer for a life well-lived.

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Jeff Fields

COO, ServPro

I’ve read over 50 books on money and personal finance. The Millionaire Choice is one of my favorite. It was easy to read and had a lot of great financial information.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 9.14.08 PM.png

John Mitchell

COO, Groove Rings

Tony has a gift for breaking down wealth building into a clear and actionable plan. The Millionaire Choice tackles both the numbers and the human behavior required to reach seven-figure net worth. He provides great advice in a highly personable writing style.


Level 1

We believe everyone needs financial education. Our Level 1 solutions are designed to allow companies to offer financial wellness program on a limited budget while still having a positive impact your team and company.

  • Financial Education Email Series

  • Newsletter Series

  • The Millionaire Choice Book

  • Online Learning Program

Level 2

Level 2 financial wellness solutions are design to have an even bigger and lasting affect on a team member's personal finances. Geared with more focus on impacting the entire family to help everyone, including the kids, get on the same page about money.

  • Family Pack

  • 1 Day Money Live Event (1-3 Hours)

Level 3

The Level 3 solution shows that the company and it's leadership is committed to the future of the team. These programs allow for more hands on one-on-one interaction between our money mentors and financial life guide partners. There's no replacement for face to face interaction when it comes to learning to manage money.

  • Financial Workshop
    (Multi-Week Program)

  • Individual Financial Coaching
    (Block Discounts Available)

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